Videos of Bolt 18F2550 system:


1. On Off control of water level with Bolt 18F2550 system



2. How to detect and pair a Bluetooth HC-06 from a Samsung Galaxy mobile



3. Video: Controlling a Bolt 18F2550 system using your mobile with a Bluetooth link


4. Control of ICSE014A module, with serial asyncronous port with Bolt 18F2550


5. Video: RFID module with SPI interface, visualization of data in mobile phone



6. Android app for remote control of 8 digital outputs of Bolt 18F2550



7. Video: infrared remote control for Bolt 18F2550 system with RC-5 protocol



8. Video:   Bolt 18F2550 proximity infrared sensor with 3 modes of operation



9.  Step by step, how to flash a led with Bolt v.Lite system



10. Video: Measuring RMS current with ACS712 Hall effect sensor



11. Controlling GPS SkyLab SKM53 module with Bolt 18F250 microcontroller



12. Video: Project with 7x10 led matrix Bolt v.Lite



13. Video: programming software for Bolt 18F2550



14.  Video HD: Bolt system with GSM modem reads temperature remotely



15. Video: hardware overview of Bolt 18F2550 system



16.Video: VC++ software to test the USB Stack of 18F2550



17. Video: C Sharp software for serial port remote control of Bolt 18F2550



18: Video HD: Detect open door alarm activate relay with SMS



19.Video: Built a line follower robot with 18F2550 microcontroller



20. Video: Windows installs the driver for USB Stack of 18F2550



21. FlowCode v.6, software for program development for Bolt v.Lite



22. Video: testing remote Bluetooth HC-06 device and Bolt 18F2550


23. The easiest way to manage RFID: an UART serial port interface