Bolt 18F2550 projects:



1. On Off control of water level with Bolt 18F2550 system


2. Control of ICSE014A module, with serial asyncronous port with Bolt 18F2550

3. Distance measurement using HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor and Bolt 18F2550


4. Bolt 18F2550 is a programmable timer operating a high power load.



6. Four applications for TM1637 display and microcontroller Bolt 18F2550



8.Bolt 18F2550 proximity infrared sensor with 3 modes of operation


9. FlowCode v.6, software for program development for Bolt v.Lite


10. Measuring RMS current with ACS712 Hall effect sensor



11. Seven projects express ready for Bolt 18F2550



12. Android app for remote control of 8 digital/outputs of Bolt 18F2550



13. The easiest way to manage RFID: an UART serial port interface



14. Controlling leds, microswitches and relay in assembly language



15. Visual Basic application control leds of Bolt v.Lite via the USB port


16 RFID-UART 13.56 Mhz read/write development kit for Bolt 18F2550


18. Low cost school attendance RFID system, using an Excel spreadsheet.



19. Bolt 18F2550 system controlling a GSM Wavecom modem



20. RFID module with SPI interface, and visualization of data in mobile phone



21. Built a line follower robot with 18F2550 microcontroller



22. Easy to build 7x10 led matrix module for Bolt v.Lite




24 Video: testing remote bluetooth device Bolt 18F2550


 25. Bluetooth wireless serial port interface for Bolt 18F2550



26. A/D 10 bit conversion for Bolt system application



27. Easy to build seven segment display module for Bolt v.Lite 



28. Video HD 1080: Detect open door alarm and activate relay with SMS



29. C Sharp software for serial port remote control of Bolt 18F2550



30. Bolt v.Lite controls the USB port with simple ANSI C functions



31. Video HD 1080: Bolt system with GSM modem remote control



32. C Sharp software for serial port remote control of Bolt 18F2550


33. Bolt 18F2550 system radio frequency RFID application


34. Play this Fabulous Fred game for Bolt 18F2550 system